Recently I introduced the concept of life as art, or art as life, something that will be a major theme on this blog.   Approaching the day, our life as if it were a masterpiece in process.   It occurred to me we tend to think of art works in terms of the finished product, what hangs on some wall, or is played in a concert hall, the quilt we make for a favorite relative.   But I wouldn’t be surprised if creatives think of everything that goes into the making as a major part, if not the major part of the project!  How we get there.  What qualities are coming forth, what vision, passion, patience, affection, and on and on?

I think it shows up in our private, personal loves, our pets, our gardens, our tinkering in the garage.   It’s an irrepressible impulse that has to come out so we apply it in the safest, surest way we can, places where there’s little push back, at least not as much as we encounter with other humans.   We’re far more loving and forgiving with our pets for example than we are with each other.

Just came across this video which illustrates, a little, what our day-to-day could look like if we approached it artfully, affectionately.

If you’ve not seen this already, it’s a keeper.   Say what we will about commercials, mostly annoying, insulting to our intelligence, but sometimes inspiring and informative, supplying the good news the media often overlooks.

Admittedly it’s an ad, but also a true story, showing what taking the time to go outside the box looks and feels like.   It reminds us of the connections we take for granted in our daily lives with people we rub up against regularly, and how much that represents community.   For many people their main contact week in week out is the person bringing the mail, or deliverers.   It’s that little bit of attention, and often a connection that gets a favor, or exception when we need one, or if they need one.  It’s definitely creativity at work, attention to detail, vision, passion.  Wouldn’t a day filled with such artistry be equal to a one of a kind piece we can only see on occasion, in a magazine, but not necessarily touch?

And commercial or not maybe it will inspire some bored worker taking the job for granted to put a little love in it, make it art, not work, rise above the tedious.

So, here’s an early holiday greeting. Spread the cheer!



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