Here in the Northeast where I live, there’s a slow but steady rebound going on after much of the coastline, including the island of Manhattan was pummeled by one of the worst storms in history.  It will be a long road to recovery for some, but many new things springing from all the destruction.   At the same time I seem to be in a rebounding phase myself with this blog, which hasn’t been so much pummeled by a storm, as stuck in the mud of inertia for years!  Was I really clear about what I wanted to do?  Apparently not.

But late this summer after floundering around for a long time, on an impulse I signed up the first day of August for an online writing course I’d been ignoring for quite a while.  That one led to another, and now I’m into my third with this writing coach, and finding new meaning and direction for my life and my writing.  You can check her out here:  It’s turned out to be just the right balance of coaching support and community, as there is the opportunity to share and learn with others in the course.

At the same time a discussion group I’ve wanted to start for years also seems to be mobilizing.  It will be an in person version of my blog, a discussion of ideas to enhance the quality of our lives beyond getting the right career, or the right house, or mate, or gadget. Or just complaining about the times.   So, while the calendar may say it’s the beginning of winter and the storm season, I’m feeling a touch of Spring.  Even some of my plants outside are hanging on much longer than would seem possible.  There’s a blue lobelia plant that looks more brilliant in its pot today than it did all summer.  And it’s not even being watered!  What gives?

For whatever reason, it finally feels time to get this show on the road.  I’ve no idea what prompted the rebirth, perhaps the stars and planets were finally aligned, but whatever the reason, I’m moving forward with a commitment to one post a week, if not more, along the lines or my original purpose.

These are times of rapid change with much to talk about and perhaps I’m finally tired of bursting at the seams, worrying about getting just the right format, or just the right look for the blog, of getting ready to get ready.  I’m worrying less about the decorations, and concentrating more encouraging a community discussion on ideas to enhance our lives.

We’re on the eve of another Presidential election; many say one of the most contentious.  Increasingly I’ve turned away from all the rancor, the absence of even meaningful discourse.  I’m not sure however if it’s any worse than a century ago but regardless, it all just shouts to me to do my small part to contribute something more meaningful, more positive to the atmosphere.  So look for this space to challenge you to take a look at life and your surroundings in a different light.  I’ll try to encourage a public as well as private discourse less focused on the storms, on what’s wrong, and more open to finding blue lobelia in the snow!

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