I have to comment on this week as the end of my writing class with Cynthia Morris.  She’s the reason this blog is getting itself up and running finally.  This is my third online course since August and not sure what it will feel like to lose that community, those daily assignments to keep me focused and keep the wheels turning.   Ah, but since I began this draft, it’s come to light there’s a Facebook page for us graduates of the Happy Writing Habit courses she’s offered.  So, community remains. 

This writing has been coming since the early ‘90’s, something I’ve been pondering for eons and not finding my way.  I’ve even subscribed to Cynthia’s newsletter for a few years before I got started.  Something about her kept me reading while others eventually fell to the “Unsubscribe” click.  Indeed, I signed up for the first class on the day it was starting, beginning of August.  Her “last chance” email showed up and something just said, “Go for it”.  I’ll say more about the class and this experience in the next post.

But for now here I am, not exactly on point yet, but actually moving, putting something out there to be scrutinized, experimenting with what’s in my mind that’s aching to get out into fresh air.  Where will this blog go?  What’s it really all about?  I’m taking the position the blog knows and is whispering it in my ear.  I just have to be very open, very willing and courageous and hear.  And, what d’ya know, also since I started this, less than a week ago, ”a plan” has whispered itself into my ear and it feels kinda good!  I will not announce it yet, but to reinforce itself, a related idea presented itself while having an unexpected coffee visit with a neighbor.  It’s starting to happen!

It’s been said, and I’ve repeated it, something to the effect that we just have to take a step, out into space and the universe will open up a road for us to follow, an adventure we can’t create on our own, or by just sitting still.

So, here’s to Cynthia and all the angels pushing me out onto the word highway to play with ideas and inspiration and ways to connect with like minds in this glorious universe!

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