Just came across a post I could identify with regarding the school shooting that happened yesterday here in CT where I live, an all too-frequent occurrence here in the U.S.  I liked the comments which echoed some of my own sentiments about the situation, suggesting turning away from the media focus on fear and tragedy, and inward to prayer and family and friends, held close.  See the post here:


At the time, I was having trouble deciding what to write about this week, so much running around in my head, along with lots and lots of change lately, endings and beginnings.  But the Brené Brown post took me back to the discussion we’d had just this morning in my spiritual book class about the shootings and the steps some of us took to deal mentally and emotionally with it.  Over-simplifying the process, after a number of hours praying and floundering around to know what to do, I came back to a conclusion I’d reached years ago:  when such things happen, and they will, it’s a sign for me to radiate more love, turn all my focus to the presence of God, who is Love.

Pray to feel and see more love, not focus so much on the situation, or what I think other people ought to do, or should have been doing, or ought not to be doing, etc.  Just what I need to do.  Love.  And pray to know that same love is present throughout the universe, especially right there where all hell seems to have broken out.

Over my years of studying many different spiritual paths and belief systems, it’s become clearer and clearer that consciousness, what we’re believing or allowing to dominate in thought has far more power than we yet accept.  And since this blog is about ideas for peace and harmony, spiritual practices, this was a perfect opportunity to practice what I’m learning.

So, being a point of love and light, listening for any direction to come seems to be the best thing I can do, for now.  Lift us all mentally above the horror.  It would appear that at least one teacher in the school practiced her own version of this principle by sequestering her students and reading to them to keep their attention away from the commotion going on around them.  It may have saved their lives.

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