Going off the grid!

This is supposed to be the last post for 2012, even though I’ve long since stopped thinking of life along those terms, as segmented into time slots dictated by calendars rather than needs, wants, or inspiration.  Indeed, New Years’ rites have always seemed a bit absurd to me, even though I understand the need to organize life so we’re not spinning around in chaos.  We do need lines down the middle of the street, and stop signs and some standard to set young people free from parental “control”.  But, in truth, January 1 is simply a dissolving of one day into another, a new sunrise, no different than October 14 turning into October 15!  A neverendingbeginning!  So, this is just another post with some of my latest insights and observations from the past few months, the end of another long holiday season in America amidst lots of tragedy in the region where I live in the Northeast.

“Time” for regrouping.

So this move to a different year is impetus for me to take my stand against living by the calendar, or other people’s agendas, allowing that to determine my focus, rather than my own desires, values, needs, or inspiration from within.   Having to spend time with certain people, in certain places, or buying presents I can’t afford, whether it’s convenient or not, whether I feel it or not.  What do you suppose they did centuries ago, before Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day, or Halloween became so big, so commercially salable in America?  I can’t comment on the major holidays in other countries but I imagine much of life’s celebrations around the world used to revolve more around seasonal changes, crops and harvesting, births, marriages, etc., things tied to everyday, common experience.  So much of our attention now seems to me to center around tangential things to everyday life, around the giving of things, acquisitions, and more food and decorating than is necessary to survive, the making of travel arrangements long before we can be sure if, let alone when we want to go.  Not that I’m against celebrations, just that perhaps they should be a natural part of every day, not major, exhaustive one-day events taking us away from enhancing our moments, our daily experience.

I want to live more in the moment, celebrate what’s showing up naturally, less in what has to be humanly designed and constructed.  Celebrate the sun rising and the majesty of spring bursting forth, my creative inspiration with a new recipe, or a new essay, watching children at play, or hummingbirds hovering over dazzling flower blossoms, the warmth of friendship.  We’ve been given so much to celebrate without the need for exhaustive planning.  So, notes to self for the days and years to come:

–       make my plans, let the calendar adjust to me,

–       look for something to make me laugh out loud once a day,

–       get back to singing everyday for at least five or ten minutes,

–       rejoice in all the good around me which is always much more than the distress

the media reports,

–       be still, meditate, listen, be open to the Voice within, for direction, guidance,


–       be vocal with compliments, don’t keep them to myself,

–       be grateful, regardless,

–       focus on the real tangibles, joy, love, grace, elegance, stillness,

–       embrace strangers,

–       be the light, stop looking outside for it.

Most of us will admit that life seldom turns out “the way we’d planned.”  Today is the only day we can experience.  Tomorrow will take care of itself, one way or another.  Let’s not miss the majesty of now, making plans for the unknown.

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