Since I believe the world is a mental construct, I tend to think of snow storms as the universe making us slow down, since we don’t seem to know how to set a reasonable pace by ourselves.  And most of my time in New England, I’ve enjoyed it that way, everyone is forced to stop in their tracks, freeze-frame, let go, pay attention to what’s in front of us, family and fun for example, rather than manic pursuit of bill-paying moola.

Snow/2/13This latest storm here, early February hasn’t been so enjoyable, pretty as the plowed road seems out my front door.  Where I used to live, further north, we had a reasonable amount of snow falling regularly during winter to keep it looking somewhat pristine and “postcardy”, but here it seems to come not with orderly moderation, but in disorderly heaps!  Thirty inches in many places from out of nowhere!  So, slowing down, smelling the cinnamon buns becomes more of a chore than a relaxing, unplanned take five.  I think of snowstorms as benign slaps on the hand unlike hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and forest fires in other regions.  Such beautiful, fluffy little flakes, how harmful can they be?  For a day or so, they can just be fun, to play in, or photograph.  Five days later, life interrupted, even cancelled, I begin to question my love-affair with crystalized water!  Not that I’d move to tornado alley, but maybe calm my thinking more, promote everyone thinking and meditating on calm, and perhaps help keep the atmospheric pressure system on more even keel!

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