As mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve been taking online writing courses with Cynthia Morris,Everybody  a writing coach, author and artist.    She’s the impetus behind the awakening of this blog.               www.originalimpulse.com.  Those of us in the class only recently became aware of her fabulous artwork, shown here.   My jaw dropped when I saw this graphic… for at least a dozen reasons.  In the first place, most of us in the class thought of her as a writer, and here she’s also a gifted artist, not just a dabbler!

But then it was those beautiful vivid colors, my kind of colors evoking such exuberant joy and celebration (one of my favorite words), you want to jump up and down.  Then the umbrella, another favorite (along with balloons).  And in the umbrella, a word I use all the time, EVERYBODY.  But I’ve been using it as sort of a politically correct, mundane catchall for my group communications, something that can’t offend anyone, got the job done, but certainly sounded boring!


So imagine my chagrin, my absolute astonishment to see that word lifted up into the stratosphere.  Elevated to a state of grace.  And so perfectly logical, how could I have missed her point, a “powerful  word”?  Me who’s always been so into brotherly/sisterly love, Oneness, Unity, let’s all get together.   As you might guess, I just stared at it spellbound for a while with this wonderful, warm smile inside.  It’s so beautiful, I was thinking!  Just perfect!

And then, “we’re all in this together”.  Usually that refers to us all being together in some “soup”, or other mess, some unpleasant predicament.  But here she has us all lovingly sheltered under one of the most protective symbols around.  All gathered together, safe and embraced perhaps by virtue of our willingness to hang out together under a canopy of unity, not insisting on going, or having our own way, out in the cold and rain.  At least that’s what it says to me.  And if necessary, umbrellas being so versatile, we could turn it upside down, climb in and float together across a troubled sea!  Or get lifted skyward together like Dame Poppins!

Of course Cynthia may have an entirely different take, but that’s the beauty of art, it delivers a very individual message.    But Cynthia’s symbol fits right into my themes of celebrating life more in togetherness, in appreciation of the majesty in each other, the wonder of life, rather than fighting over seeming differences; and realizing the harmony that ensues from that.

There’s lots more for me to say about this umbrella, the tassels for example, but that will have to wait for another post!  In the meantime, contemplate the power of Everybody!

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4 Responses to LET’S HUDDLE!

  1. Chris says:

    I love the artwork and your thoughts about it. Nice entry! I’ve never stopped to think about the beauty of “everybody.”
    I’ve heard of many writers who are also artists. The same is true about me. I’m a writer and also a photographer. My photography bloomed much later in life, and I used to think it competed with my writing. I no longer feel that way. Maybe my photos will be in the book I publish one day.

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks much Chris, you must be back from NYC, or not gone yet! Yes, I think multi-talented artists is no longer extraordinary, but maybe just logical. Joni Mitchell and Tony Bennett would probably agree. Along with hundreds of others. So, why not have your photos in your book! I’ll expect it.

  2. cynthiamorris says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Sandra! I love that about art – we join a conversation about something that means something to us.

    I’m experimenting with color and images and text and how they can work together to send an even more powerful message.

    Everybody is a word that strikes a gong in me. I try to remember that we’re all in it together when I am out driving or shopping or otherwise moving in the same space as others. No need to rush or push ahead; we’re all in this together!

    Thanks again for sharing this. Keep blogging!

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks Cynthia. I love that “Everybody is a word that strikes a gong in me”! And I look forward to more of your art. And maybe some of my own with the blogging! Additional note, I kept thinking about each of us being a “word” and finally realized it resonates with traditions I follow which say we are “ideas”, for example, “made in the image and likeness…”. So one can say we are ideas of joy and creativity, wisdom, etc. And also there is, “In the beginning was the Word”! 🙂 Interesting.

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