I keep hoping someone in the media is writing about the dark night of the cinema soul we seem to be in the last few years, or is it a decade or more?  Maybe some have and I missed it.  I still feel the best film making was back in the 40’s through the 60’s or so.  A fan of Bette Davis and Hudson-Day, Hepburn, and Singin in the Rain.  But most people today are too grown up and sophisticated for such fluff, not to mention just plain cynical, and foreboding.  These seem to be dark times, but not as dark me thinks as the age of those films, WWII for example, when people got a lift from the movies.  No more.

Anyway, here’s to feel-good movies!  One just opening in the theaters, the other on PBS online if it’s already shown on your local TV station.  Maybe I should start a series on my favorite inspirational movies, no blood and guts and angst and nihilism!  Sorry!

Get inspired why dontcha!!

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  1. Margie says:

    Loved the post. Very inspirational. I am looking forward to watching Brooklyn Castle on line and Spinning Plates.

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