Brand New Day!!


“Beautiful Morning Lights” by Gualberto107/

Instead of the post I was working on for today, or tomorrow, here’s my first day assignment for a 30-day blogging challenge sponsored by my host, WordPress.  I would have missed it in my inbox except for being lured into an email in that same inbox from the Indira Ganesan blog I follow.  Her post said she was just starting, and she’s a published writer!  I met her in an online writing course a little while back.  So I figured maybe I should jump in, get past some inertia.

Anyway, Day One, introduce myself, who, what, why?

I created this blog several years ago and only got going seriously in the past two years, really seriously when I paid for my own url almost exactly a year ago.  I wanted to get the ideas out that seemed to have been bubbling up all my life and not becoming a book or a play.  That and some people telling me I needed to write.  That and realizing it was too late to become an amalgam of Ella and Dame Shirley and Doris Day!  Maybe this would be the first step?  Who knows.  In addition, wanted to get ideas out there, create a platform for finally starting a coaching practice, a spiritual coaching practice, to be a guide for how to walk through this life experience with a better sense of what it’s really all about.  Not what we’ve been taught by society.  A way to walk through with a bit more happiness and grace.

I’m a child of the military, arriving on the cusp of the baby boom generation, living all over this vast United States by the time I was ten, a woman of color with a worldly perspective fitting no stereotype I can think of and an intellect too elevated and curious to make most people comfortable.  But, that Air Force lifestyle, being plopped down in strange places, like Presque Isle, ME, and perhaps my spiritual DNA gave me a broad perspective on life and people that most I meet don’t seem to have.  It also gave me a sense there was more to life than the tragedies and tribulations I was seeing everywhere with wars and people seeming not to like each other very much, “natural” disasters making life even more difficult than it seemed to already be, and many folk just not as happy as it seemed they could be.

All these long years, getting a ton of education and working in a variety of unrelated professions, finding little satisfaction, I was “secretly” studying the spiritual side of life, finding answers to the questions that puzzled me about why life didn’t appear to be one big picnic.  Even sitting in audiences with Shirley MacLaine, the “Out on a Limb” Shirley, not the actress.

So, this blog is about putting all that out there in some form that helps me make sense of it all, and maybe, hopefully help someone else do the same.

It’s a far bigger universe than we experience with only five senses everybody.  Time to embrace the rest, make the world and our own lives a little bit better!

‘Til tomorrow!!

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One Response to Brand New Day!!

  1. litadoolan says:

    Great to be in contact through WP! I am thrilled to find your blog. You life sounds full of rich variety. It is such a privilege to share in the fascinating journey of others. Look forward to reading more.

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