Happiness now

Still thinking about the New Year’s resolution ritual (and rituals in general, another post!), couldn’t decide whether to bow to convention, not being clear what I even think about it all.  Admittedly I’ve had difficulty attaching so much significance to the movement of the clock’s hands past midnight on one particular night.  I recall my father, with whom I had little regular contact, would sometimes call me on my birthday out of the blue, to ask if I felt any older!  He had a weird way of being clever!  Occasionally it worked.  How could I possibly feel older in just a few minutes, or less?  It was his rare attempt at letting me know he really did think of me and actually remembered the exact minute of my birth!

But the point’s remained, how can one day, even 12/31 have so much more meaning than another, compared for example to the day one got married, or gave birth, or was born?  The spiritual quest I’ve been on since forever has brought me very clearly into the realization that now is the only momentous time.  That something extraordinary is revealing itself, all by itself without my having to plan it out in detail, create elaborate plans, mark my calendar and alter my routine to make sure it gets done.  Especially since they say seventy percent of these “plans” get dropped in less than two months.  Grass grows, flowers bloom, the sun shines, the moon and stars appear, the ocean ebbs and flows, babies take their nine months one way or another while we sit and watch, and expectantly wait.

A member of a spiritual tele-class I’ve been in for years shared the following with us, which really helped me get over feeling like a spoil sport about New Year’s.  I think my New Year’s resolution will continue to be my everyday resolution to learn to stand in gratitude and awe at what’s coming down the pike for me, if I stay out of the way, open up my heart and hands and mind, turn the umbrella upside down and receive, and say Thank you!!

  The “Swimming” Lesson
 When I say Happy New Year, it seems that what is usually being said is, may your future bring you whatever you want and need to bring you a happy life. While the intent of the sentiment is worthy and comes from love and kindness, wishing goodwill to another, I realized that the phrase has a deeper spiritual meaning…
Saying Happy New Year can be like cheerfully throwing someone —  let’s call her Hope — into a pool and telling her to swim to the other side. But, what if Hope isn’t a very good swimmer? If she doesn’t have the skills to do it, then there will be a lot of fear and floundering going on.
Next year, the same thing…hapless Hope into the pool again.  With each succeeding year, if Hope is lucky, the swim may get a little easier as she learns to navigate the water a little better. Hope gets exhausted, and doesn’t have much to look forward to, except another long slog to the other side. Hope is waning. 
         What if, instead, Someone — we can call her Grace — threw Hope a Life Saver? And pulled her to the side and told her that there’s a much easier and more loving way to swim (participate) in this pool (life)?
What if, instead of Happy New Year, Grace said, “The Christ that I AM salutes the Christ that You Are and recognizes you as Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity moment by moment – not in the future. There is no need to struggle; simply relax into the “water” of Spiritual Love – the Now. This is what will sustain and guide you and help you. No struggling to reach another  side (goal), only eternal buoyancy, held up and guided by the one Life Saver, Divine Love.”
Happy New Year. Yes, but most lovingly, “Blessed are you in this New Moment!”
By permission, from Gail Smith, 12/31/13
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