Taking a break, following orders

WordPress gave us the assignment today to test out other “looks” for our blogs, something I’ve done a lot in the last year and a half.  But I was obedient and did so again, since I’m still experimenting.  We were advised we didn’t need to write today, but I’m feeling the need to keep it going.

I saw a number of changes I’d like to make along with wanting to stay focused on content, not form.  There’re a couple of themes I’d like to try, but the biggest problem is finding the time to learn the code for customizing, which is probably simple if I had a few free hours!  The inner voice says wait a minute, let’s stick with fundamentals!  But the color and graphics are so mesmerizingly gorgeous.  So many pretty pictures perusing others’ blogs.  And I love color!  But there’s the challenge, remembering what’s important, what’s out there, or what’s waiting in “here” to be revealed.  My mission is to stay focused on the deeper senses, not the five material ones.  The sense that sees the beauty and the good and the peace and the perfection of this moment, right here, right now, waiting to make her appearance if I learn to let go of the steering wheel!

Don’t need lots of fab photos for that, only my capacity to allow light and love to rise.  Like the sun!

Here’s to inner sunshine!!

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