Making living count

Fort Stewart ecosystem

Fort Stewart ecosystem (Photo credit: U.S. Army Environmental Command)

My first followup to the previous post about a new year that counts.  I was intrigued by a post from a school known for its orientation toward “rational” thinking actually promoting living from the heart!  Living from soul, instinct, inner voice, passion.  Without that the mind can’t really reason rightly, can’t make the unique choices and decisions for each of us to achieve our special dream.

It also speaks to something that’s been coming to me about the work of the caretakers of our planetary ecosystem.  They point out the importance of every creature, even the tiniest, microscopic molecule to keeping our planet in balance and working properly.  Is it so far-fetched to recognize that we two-legged creatures, with brains, and hearts, the stewards of this place if you will, must each be at least as important to the maintaining of that balance as say, algae?  How strange it is we’re so slow to recognize our own unique value and contribution, let alone that of everyone else, so much so we have entire professions dedicated to helping us get it?

If indeed we are each of us indispensable to the proper functioning of the world ecosystem, that it’s not just an option for each of us to have a year that counts, but a life that counts, moments that count; how important that we learn to listen to the inner wisdom guiding us to fulfill that purpose.  That we’re at least as necessary as a blade of grass, an ant, a swan, or the buffalo!  And deserving of at least that much care and personal development according to our inner blueprint, not someone else’s!

More next time.

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