Curing our appetites

English: Lower Manhattan

English: Lower Manhattan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, on the heels of an article from a business school professor promoting the idea of following your dreams, your heart, I come across this, from an ex-Wall Street type, who realized the problem with attachment to things, rather than soul.  Gives me something more to mine, as one who couldn’t get onto Wall Street back in the day when they weren’t ready for women, especially those of us with permanent tans!

It was a blessing it took too long to appreciate, and I still have a way to go.  His is a wonderful story, partly because he’s a good writer, maybe he knows that maybe he doesn’t.  It helped me to see we’re all striving to overcome the five senses and their appetites.  For him it was money, wealth.  It can be anything from ice cream to violence.  Underneath, it’s all a search for a sense of security, connection to love, acceptance, self-worth.  Something spiritual which we don’t recognize because the “thing” we’re craving is often seen to be perfectly normal.

Read and enjoy, spread the word around, and stay tuned for more.

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  1. mcraig4 says:

    Enjoyed your post! Keep up the good work!!!

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