I’ll take snow!

Even though I continue to have mixed feelings about life in New England, I remain imageclear about one thing, the climate is among the best!

It’s snowing in the Northeast today, but watching it come down and thinking about those in the southern part of these United States struggling with weather they’re not used to, ice for example, I’m reminded again how much I love snow and how grateful I am to have the white fluffy stuff as the “disruptor” instead of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides, or forest fires.  These days any and all such things are possible no matter where we live on the globe, but every region has its norm.

And there’s something that feels a bit “aggressive” about those other weather patterns that I don’t feel with a snowstorm, even a Nor’easter.  It just falls, sometimes quickly, sometimes blustery, but one soft flake at a time, with warnings even.  It’s admittedly a disruption (the new buzz word) of  “our” normal routines, making us slow down, making us actually stop. Transportation comes to an abrupt halt, we’re very aggravated.  Sometimes it wreaks severe havoc but relatively speaking, it’s a far more benign weather situation, with fewer structures or lives destroyed, and a quicker return to “normal,” quicker say than after a flood.

Besides, it’s far more beautiful to watch; it’s entertaining, something to play in both during and after!  The skiers are jumping for joy.  I heard one weather forecaster suggesting during a previous storm that people relax, forget about the disruption, go outside and play with their kids and their dogs!

Not to minimize the hassles sometimes from power outages, people kept from jobs or services they need, and children stuck at home.  But in the spirit of gratefulness, finding joy in everything, comparatively speaking, I’ll take snow!

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