Compassion with subtitles!

Love this film!!


Continuing my discussion of Compassion, just saw this film, a marvelous treatise on the subject.  One reviewer said it was more Hollywood than Bollywood, but I see it as traditional “art cinema,” a small, nuanced foreign film complete with subtitles; high art in motion.  I was fascinated with the sprinkling of English in the dialogue, sort of like Indian spice, so subtle it took me a while to realize I was hearing it, not reading it!  That along with watching the characters and the story dwarf the intensity of crowded and bustling Mumbai.

It’s a film just the opposite of the usual over the top action, special effects, sex and violence fare we usually get, but as rich in story as the sumptuous cuisine.  An unromanticized romantic love story, all told with few words and lots of facial expression.  We get to see the white space between and behind all the noise of our daily interactions, both in the East as well as the West.  I was soaking it up like very good prose.

I’m happy to see the widespread if sometimes muted praise for this film.  It helps me appreciate the effort it can take to live a meaningful life.

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2 Responses to Compassion with subtitles!

  1. yogasuji says:

    what a great trailer. Thanks for sharing, I am going to try and watch it right away! Its beautifully shot and once again shows the power of human connection and how we all hunger for it. Im so glad to know about it and so pleased to have a good film to watch! thanks

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