My Dad Drove Me Back to Life


I follow this blog, have commented on it before. This guy’s father is just the best. I’m re-posting here for what he says about quiet, silence, listening. About our getting past the incessant noise of life today if we really want to heal the planet, let alone our private lives. Go within.

Studying these things for years, amazing how long it’s taken me to appreciate the power and profundity of so many practices we take for granted, like prayer, meditation, walks in nature, just being still, taking five.

He writes about loving to drive, something I’ve loved to do most of my life. When I lived in New England, there was nothing I loved better than cruising up those highways between Massachusetts and Canada. The best kind of open road for me with my beloved ocean on one side, and the forests on the other. I didn’t know it then, but it was another form of meditation, getting away, being still, observing the natural environment that man couldn’t create. And no talking. That was an underappreciated aspect of my relationship with a dear friend, our ability to spend time, even vacations together, without the anxious need to fill all the empty space with words.

Most of us have no idea how all the noise and chatter is affecting us, moving us away from natural harmony to man-made chaos. The Scripture says, “Be still, and know that “I” am God.” (Ps. 46) We can by ourselves only muck things up. Look at our history.

Somehow Seth’s dad knew where to take him to help get past a dark phase.

Seth Adam Smith

“So often we’re tempted to think that that we have little to offer the world — that our love is inadequate. But I believe that our ability to love others is the greatest tool that we have to change lives for the better.” This article of mine has been previously posted on

Beautiful PathsI like to drive. In fact, I like to drive a lot. If I’m ever deeply stressed or struggling, I’ll go for a very long drive. Something about driving just soothes me.

It may be because I enjoy the scenery or because it gives me the time and space I need to think. But, the more I think about it, the more I think my driving has to do with the fact that my dad drove me back to life.

Some time ago, I was twenty-years-old and grappling with a serious addiction and deep depression. Things became so…

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2 Responses to My Dad Drove Me Back to Life

  1. Nice. I’ve known for a long time how all the noise and chatter is affects me; I get caught up in it and even enjoy it with a group of friends, but it quickly drains me. I have an ADHD son so finding quiet moments are a challenge – but maybe that’s why I appreciate them all the more. I make sure I have an hour or more to myself every day (I tell people I’m “napping”!) to recharge my batteries.

  2. Sandra says:

    Thanks for your comments Cinda. I’m touched by the challenge you probably have finding “stillness” time. Wonder if you’ve investigated any of the “alternative” strategies that involve teaching, helping your son thru certain meditation practices, some done by you as well as him? Don’t know much about it, but some say it works.
    Your blog continues to make me dream of traveling more, soon!

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