June is writing month!

 Starting a new blogging project through WordPress.com for the month of June, twenty days of writing assignments, no weekends.

The first assignment, today, is Unlock Your Mind, a twenty-minute free form write to get the juices flowing! The twist is to possibly post it to our blog. I’m thinking twenty minutes of randomness doesn’t serve anyone but me so deciding to spare you that, just give a summary since it all felt like something I’m mentally writing about in my head anyway and will eventually blog about.

Wrote about all the coverage of the life of Dr. Maya Angelou, a paragon if ever there was one. I didn’t follow all the coverage, haven’t done that for quite some time. There were unexpected clips that popped up which were illuminating. I continued to ponder as I have in recent years how little I’ve known of her life, even though I’m well aware of her celebrity and read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings so long ago I can’t remember it except that I was definitely moved.

What was that life all about I mused? A puzzle since she seems to have defied every rule in the book to reach incredible heights. A black woman born in the deep South with few means, not exactly a beauty, but striking, enduring the violence so common in those circumstances.  But she seems to be one of those rare people whom people from all walks of life all around the globe don’t just love, many wanted her to be their mother! Something to think more and write about; there should be lots of opportunity over the next thirty days.

Also wrote about all the people who are promoting happiness and joy all of a sudden, not just as a side dish, or added thing for one’s life, but the primary thing! That, and learning to be kind to others. Sec. Clinton said it recently on television’s The View, and think it was part of an impressive commencement speech from a military type, Navy SEAL actually. There must be something in the water we’re drinking lately.  Are we becoming wimps?

Anyway, ended with thoughts about my other new project, the current free Hay House Summit, which allows you to listen to spiritual leaders talk each day for about a week I think. Here again I was surprised at the direction things are taking. A scientific type selling the idea of mind in control of everything, including the body. He apparently proved it in his own experience after having been run over by an SUV! Dr. Joe Dispenza, mentally healed an internally smashed body in lieu of surgery.

What’s the world coming to? Sounds good to me though. More tomorrow!


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