Finding surprise! (continued)

So, a footnote to my post from yesterday, about losing and finding, about discovery, expecting all good.  Willing surprise!

After making the post public, I discovered rather quickly that it had disappeared!  Vanished from my blog completely!  Gone with the wind as it were.  What had been published seemed to be a repeat of an earlier posting.

Looked everywhere in my account records for it, the administrative panel.  Nothing.

“Not possible,” I thought.

Started searching the WordPress site for help and a chat window popped up to help me.  Explained the situation and a Q & A commenced.  Had I done this, or that …where, what, when, etc.

Had this ever happened to me before?

“No!  Have you ever heard of it happening to anyone?”  Rarely it seems.

I started sinking, it’s after midnight, feeling tired, exhausted from many edits, revisions, checking this sentence and that.

“Let it go, it’s gone.”

It was late, I wanted to go to bed and control the rising sense of let down, frustration.  Looking for a higher perspective, I began to consider famous authors, all kinds of folk whose entire manuscripts or critical documents had vanished in computer crashes, or the dog ate it!  “Get a grip Sandra, it’s not the end of the world!”

And then I started to remember what I’d written.  Finding impossible things.  I noted Mr. Patient and Persistent was continuing with the back and forth, but not folding.  He acknowledged the rare instances of this and a possible why.

But by then I’d decided to practice what I preach.  I turned in, “OK, where is it Oz.  Find it for me.”

Part of me was hopeful, the other part wanted to quit and go to sleep.  A battle between higher and lower!   Then I remembered the intelligence of cyberspace, the WP platform auto saves for one, and I’d saved and previewed the post many times.  I’d seen it live on my blog before making it public, it had to “be somewhere”.

This went on for some minutes, finally the wonderful man, whose name is Darnell asked if I’d checked for all those “saves”.  He quickly did so himself, I couldn’t have, and sure enough, they popped up!

Cut to finish, it remains a mystery what actually happened, why the post disappeared, how he found them and got them back into my account.  Of course I’m grateful to have been spared the need to reconstruct what I’d carefully composed, especially since I’d cavalierly deleted the Word draft!

The real lesson was the reminder to me stay open and focused on great expectations, on the power of prayer to resolve, heal, make the crooked places straight.

Successful people everywhere tell us never to give up!

Stay open to being surprised!



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2 Responses to Finding surprise! (continued)

  1. Something similar happened to me when I wrote my post as private intending to make it public when I was ready to post. Eventually I found it however; glad you found yours – they take a lot of thought and time to write! I’ve started writing in Word and copying to WP.

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks Cinda, so good to find out others have similar debacles! Wendy and I had one of those recently! I do use Word because it’s so much easier to work with than that little box! Hoping I can settle down today and catch up with a few Assignments!

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