All is lost…

… it’s the end of the world.

nothing good will ever happen again, so grab everything, hide it somewhere safe and let’s go scrounge up whatever crumbs we can find and huddle in the corner!

This is the last installment in the Lost and Found trilogy for the Writing 101 class.   First two listed below.  In broad brush strokes they suggest we write about what we’ve learned in the course of our lives about losing and finding.

In my second post for this series, there was a video reinterpreting the glass half-full/half-empty saying.  I liked what Shawn Achor said in the video, that it doesn’t matter because we each have a pitcher to refill it!   Then he explained the pitcher as a metaphor for the world, our universe.

We have the world, not just to refill our tiny glass, but to help expand it. Remember that bygone song, “We are the World”?   Well, we really are our world.

Can you imagine this planet say in 1800, before smartphones, or even automobiles and airplanes?   Before antibiotics, birth control pills, frozen food and freezers to put it in, indoor plumbing, fruit and vegetables fresh from foreign countries out of season?  Google Glass, designer sneakers, the World Cup, or frozen Greek yogurt?  We all used to live in caves and hardly anyone could vote, had rights.  Has there been no change?   Is it likely there will be no more?

Over the years in my spiritual studies I’ve heard from all variety of spiritual teachers to stay in this moment, learn to appreciate the magnificence of what’s right under my nose.   If I’m doing that, I can’t, or at least shouldn’t have space to dwell too much on things past, or future.   On loss, or gain. It’s a work in process but I see more clearly, there’s so much to do to help bring in the next moment, successfully!  By staying conscious, open, ready, available, optimistic, hopeful, expectant, creative, persistent.

It’s certainly not always easy.  I do miss special people, or favorite things that I no longer have.  I miss certain places I’ve visited or lived in, special celebrations with very special people.  But, more and more I don’t get trapped in it.  I let it pop up from its cloister, look it over, reminisce, see if there’s any value for today, and then slowly or quickly, let it go.

Back to the present, to Now.

“Thank you God for most this amazing day.” e.e.cummings

I’m learning the more engaged I am with the world, new people, not clinging to a certain few, but living more expansively, exploring new ideas, getting busy accomplishing and contributing, the less time I have to get down about anything.  About things past, or lost, or what may or may not come.  It’s always an exciting time if I’m willing to open up to it, and help create it, now.

There was a headline in a leading newspaper recently, “Has the Important Stuff Already Been Invented?”   There’s actually a debate going on about this among important “scholars”!   Some apparently believe our creativity is gone.  For real?  Has our educational system failed us that much?  We don’t even recognize the continuing march of progress, in spite of the calamities and our not all getting along perfectly, yet.

We’re too attached and focused on our stuff, our traditional ways, and even our loved ones.   We don’t know that loving them is enough.   We’ve yet to learn their need as well as ours for space to grow.  That we’re all better with a little more focus on individually developing, helping, expanding, contributing, loving, saving, and just plain being, and persevering.   Each of us.  In spite of the melodrama in the background.

I certainly have plenty of down days, wanting to complain, about the state of the world, my present situation, my bank account, whatever.  But sooner or later I come back and remember, and remind anyone who’s despairing to think back a century, or more, or even half a century.  Things could be worse.   Some of us have clean running water.

The best is always still coming.  It’s the nature of life and we’re that life.

The glass, our little plot of ground may look half empty or half full; just go grab a pitcher.

Part I,

Part II,

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