24 in 24!


A lot of people think “real people” don’t do prayer, meditation and the like, that it’s kind of a weirdo thing.  In fact it’s pure science, akin to things like the principles of basic math, or aerodynamics. Aligning with the universe.

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Something got me to thinking about backup batteries, chargers and adapters, which have become as much daily necessities as a toothbrush and soap, maybe more so!   Many of us can hardly function without our devices, which means constant charging.   Plugging in my own gadgets the other day I suddenly saw a connection between these gadget recharges and my personal spiritual practice, my personal “reenergizing” if you will.

I hadn’t seen it before, but the rising popularity of all kinds of “spiritual” practices, from prayer and meditation, to yoga, to a walk in the woods is really about the same thing, recharging our batteries.  But are we aware just how powerful this practice is, or can be?

We exercise, and fuss about what we eat, believing it will keep us functioning at our peak, prolong life, and keep us healthier.   But taking the time to really think about it, how likely is it that our well-being is dependent on a bunch of organs and other physical components connected to nothing but themselves? 

Does your cell phone run on just the synergy between its parts?  No, I don’t think so.  That synergy’s important, but it’s powerless without tuning in to that invisible force flowing from a battery pack or an electrical outlet, or antenna.  Sources that happen to mimic the greater force that’s running all of us.   Call it whatever you want, divine energy, the force, holy juice, Spirit, Love, God … , doesn’t matter, without it the world stops rolling around.  We run down like that bunny.

This gets clearer the more time I spend in “charging mode;” my day runs better, projects come to fruition harmoniously, I feel more alive.   And, coincidentally, it also helps the world around me.  Because unlike the power from a hot spot or the wall outlet, that deep well of energy I tap into inside is limitless and boundless.  It flows wherever there’s an opening, just as a river flows.   Floating around inside my ocean of joy, harmony and intelligence, the energy of spirit, it’s not only energizing me, it’s spilling over into the environment, the way a cool breeze refreshes everything in it’s path.  This power’s so great it could run every device ever made or that ever will be made on the planet forever.   In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future someone finds a way to make these devices run on our personal energy, which isn’t ours anyway!

It’s not an easy practice.   I can attest to that.   The age of media saturation makes it difficult to turn off and tune in, turn away from what’s “out there,” what’s on our “to do” list, and rest within the intangible, what we can’t grab or see.   Your cell phone doesn’t feel that pull.

It takes commitment, turning off the morning news, checking our lists, or even getting involved with the people around us.   Not to mention what to wear or the bad weather, who did what to whom.  A constant recommitment to immediately dive deeply inward to our personal power source, receive not just energy, but guidance and calm to pursue the day.

We’re all racing around madly, totally oblivious to this power we’re carrying inside 24/7, wearing ourselves out trying to do it on energy drinks and weight lifting.  Those things are fine as far as they go, but we’re leaving gold in the mine ladies and gentlemen, inside our own mine!


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A simple start could be just 24 minutes!  24 minutes before tackling the day.  Not after you’re up to your neck in challenges.  24 minutes in 24 hours!   A small sacrifice to find out how much more power you are than your smart phone!   Try it.   Call it meditation, prayer, sitting in nature, staying in the moment, whatever, learn a technique that works for you, that takes you deep into your own vast ocean of infinite possibilities to meet daily challenges with more dominion, whether it’s tragic loss or lost keys.

24 minutes out of 24 hours amounts to 2 percent of your day!   2 %!    You can’t charge any device fully in that time, but your Source can empower you better than you’d imagine in that time!  And once you’ve got it going, double it!   More time, more benefit.  And it’s permanent, you’ll never need to buy a new charger!

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4 Responses to 24 in 24!

  1. liapettersen says:

    Aahhhh! Loved it so much that I didn’t even want it to end as you were so inspired. This is something I do every morning and it does work as it helps see everything under a sunny, sparkly or softer light and it all seems possible at times.

    Great post, congratulations!

  2. litadoolan says:

    Such great motivation to stop for a moment and take a break, I so needed to read this just now! Perfect timing. Thank you so much for this inspiring post. I love the clever analogy of the cell phone. Makes so much sense! 😉

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks again Lita, good to hear the analogy worked. Fascinating to me this idea literally popped up within days of writing it, hadn’t considered it before. Could I be off base? I get so frustrated going from one gadget to another with the cords, etc. Seems we must be in kindergarten still at this stage. How will it be done twenty years from now? But, I can attest, the systems to charge ourselves are old as the hills and very effective, though I’ve certainly a long way to go in mastery.

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